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Eco Fusion

Workshop Overview


March 2nd / 3rd at 9 am EST

Fusing Sustainability with AI for Realistic Architectural Concepts & Projects

Welcome to the Eco Fusion Workshop, where innovation meets sustainability, merging the realms of sustainable architecture, biophilic design and cutting-edge AI technology. 

Our workshop is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to craft achievable and stunningly realistic design concepts that seamlessly coexist with their natural surroundings. Whether you're new to architecture & design or an experienced designer, this workshop will provide invaluable insights and hands-on experience.

Throughout the workshop, you will learn to:

  • AI in Design:

    • Harness the transformative power of AI in architectural design and Leverage AI tools to breathe life and clarity into your visions.

  • Environmental Harmony:

    • Discover how to design concepts tailored to diverse landscapes, ensuring they not only harmonize with the environment but also maintain feasibility for construction.

  • ​Language as a Tool:​

    • Master the art of using descriptive language to generate precise AI-powered design prompts.

  • ​Tool Mastery​:

    • Get comfortable with popular AI tools: Midjourney, Stable Diffusion PromeAI and Photoshop.

Led by Yani Ernst, the human behind Studio 7.83, this workshop delves into the synergy between sustainable design and AI tools, showcasing how popular AI tools can revolutionize the creation of environmentally conscious design concepts.

Yani Ernst brings a wealth of expertise to the table, making this workshop an exceptional opportunity to learn from someone who is at the forefront of AI integration and sustainable design.

During our interactive sessions, you'll have the chance to explore case studies, engage in discussions, and collaborate with peers. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to start using AI.

Website accounts to register:


  1. ​Midjourney AI :

  2. Prome AI : (Free version available)

  3. Photoshop : Adobe Creative Cloud (Optional, subscription)

Software requirements

  1. Discord (To use for Midjourney )


Fusing Sustainability with AI for realistic Architectural Concepts & Projects

Fee: $162 USD




March 2,


 Introduction to AI in Sustainable Architecture
1 hr

  1. Welcome and Overview ​​

  2. Sustainability and Conscious Architecture 

    •  Explore the core design principles of sustainability, biophilia, and nature alignment.

    • Showcase examples of sustainable architecture and discuss the impact on the environment.

  3. The Power of AI

    • Discuss how AI is transforming the architectural landscape.​

    • Highlight key AI technologies like MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, and Prome AI and their role in sustainable design.

  4. Concept Design

    • Explain the concept design process in the context of sustainable architecture.​

    • Emphasize the importance of merging AI capabilities with sustainable design principles.

  5.  Coffee Break and Networking (10 minutes)

​Q&A of Module 1

Concept Design with Midjourney

  1. Prompt Design

    •  Introduce the concept of prompting in AI design.

    • Discuss how to structure a prompt effectively for sustainable architecture concepts.

  2.  MidJourney Feature Demonstration 

Q&A of Module 2 

Advance Editing and Rendering
2 hrs


March 3,


  1. Discussion with Participants

  2. Live Midjourney session with participants

  3. ​Prome AI Demonstration

  4. Advance Editing workflow

    • Add, subtract, compose images​

Q&A of Module 3 

Screenshot 2024-02-05 020645_edited.jpg

Yani Ernst

Meet Yani Ernst, self-taught architectural designer, and founder of Studio 7.83. 

Yani’s journey in the realm of design was nurtured by a deep-rooted passion and connection to nature and its many shapes and forms. Yani's expertise lies in innovative biophilic concept design and sustainable architecture.

Inspired by a personal quest for holistic design and nature preservation, his unique approach blends creativity with a profound understanding of nature and the environment, resulting in concepts that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings. His keen eye for detail, coupled with a mastery of AI tools, empowers him to craft lifelike and achievable designs that evoke a sense of tranquility and well-being.

“At studio 7.83, we are crafting concepts with a profound respect for nature’s wisdom. Our mission is to redefine the relationship between architecture and the environment, blending innovative design with sustainable and biophilic principles. Our ethos revolves around creating spaces that resonate with the natural world, fostering a sense of harmony and well-being.”



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