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Generative AI 101
with ComfyUI

Workshop Overview

When: 4th of May, 2024 at 9 am EST

This hands-on beginner workshop introduces you to the exciting potential of AI in architectural design. We will discuss what are some of the possible use cases of Generative AI tools during the architectural design process. You'll learn the fundamentals of powerful image generation tools like Stable Diffusion with ComfyUI.

What you'll learn:

1. How architects can use AI for concept generation, visualization, and design iteration

2. The basics of Stable Diffusion and ComfyUI, user-friendly interfaces for AI image generation

3. How to use existing ideas with sketches to generate architectural images

4. How to design directly in real-life locations based on existing images using "sketch-in-context" workflow

5. Join the "AI Design Challenge" to practice this workflow and create conceptual design for a given location

7. Collaborate and compete with others to come up with the "best" design during the challenge

Website accounts to register:

1. No need for any registration. A running server will be provided for participants to connect and use it freely


May 04, 2024, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Fee: $25 USD

For the full course AI for Architects:
The AI for Architects digital course is made up of +23 in-depth chapters, +60 lessons, and +8 hours of video instruction that can be completed on your own time.

All the Resources You Need

Ready-to-Use Workflow Templates




May 4th,


 GenAI in Architectural Design 
4 hrs

  1. Introduction (5mins)​​

  2. Introduction to AI use cases for architectural design (15-20 mins)

  3. What is Stable Diffusion & ComfyUI? (20 mins)

  4. ComfyUI workflows: Text-based image generation (45 mins)

  5. Introduction to the “Challange” (5-10 mins)

  6. Break - Q&A Session (10 mins)


  1. Explanation of the Sketch-in-context workflow for the Challange (45 mins)

  2.  Practice Time (60 mins)

  3.  Results - Q&A (20 mins)


Ömer Nuray

Ömer Nuray is an architect, content creator, and founder of Design Input Studio. Through his studio, he creates content aimed at integrating new technologies such as AI into architecture and the design process. His interest in computational design and automation led him to the world of Artificial Intelligence.
As an AI Architect at Rendair AI, he is involved in developing an AI-powered architecture visualization solution. This technology aims to make high-quality visualizations more accessible for architects.
Ömer shares his expertise and journey through his online presence, reaching and inspiring architects and designers worldwide. He provides guidance on using and integrating AI through platforms such as his YouTube channel,  social media and 
In addition, he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Architecture in Budapest. This allows him to expand his knowledge and skills in both traditional architecture and innovative technologies like AI. Overall, he aspires to continue discovering innovative ways to incorporate AI into the design process, unlocking fresh creative potential for architects.


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