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Generated Memories
Reveal the secrets behind point clouds, NeRF, 3D Gaussian Splatting, and Metahuman in Unreal Engine with Gerry Li

Workshop Overview


December 9th / 10th at 9 am EST

Exploring the Essence of Collective Memories through Art and Technology with Gerry Li

The Evolving Nature of Local Spaces:
Local spaces hold a special place in our collective memories. Yet, much like memories, these spaces are constantly evolving and transforming. In the midst of these changes, the essence of our shared experiences and histories often fades away. This workshop will explore the dynamic relationship between memory and place.

The Generated Memories Project:
In the 'Generated Memories' project, I endeavor to capture and revitalize these shared experiences. This project is an ambitious fusion of art and technology, where collective memories are transformed into immersive art experiences using state-of-art technologies like LiDAR scanning, AI generated point-clouds and Unreal Engine. 

Your Journey in the Workshop:
Join me in this hands-on workshop where I'll guide you through the intricate process of creating art within Unreal Engine.

This journey will cover:

  • 3D Scanning:

    • Discover how to bring real-world textures and dimensions into the digital realm, providing a foundational layer for your creative work.

  • Animating Point Clouds:

    • Learn to use the Niagara system for dynamic, lifelike animations, adding movement and life to your digital creations.

  • Metahuman Integration:

    • Dive into the process of crafting realistic human characters, bringing a human touch to your digital narratives.

  • Cinematic Creation:

    • Master the art of using the sequencer in Unreal Engine to create engaging and captivating cinematics.

  • Advanced Techniques:

    • Explore cutting-edge techniques involving NeRF (Neural Radiance Field) and 3D Gaussian Splatting within the Unreal Engine. These advanced methods will open up new possibilities for creating cinematic videos across various platforms and projects, such as TikTok, music videos, TV commercials, and immersive media experiences.

Website accounts to register:


  1. Epic Games

  2. Luma AI (Web/IOS)

  3. RealityCapture/Polycam (optional)

  4. Adobe Creative Cloud (Optional)

Software requirements

  1. Unreal Engine (5.2 or newer, free)

  2. Quixel Bridge(free)

  3. RealityCapture (optional, subscription)

  4. Adobe Creative Cloud (Optional, subscription)

  5. Blender (optional)

Hardware requirements



Generated Memories 01
Generated Memories 03
Generated Memories 02
Generated Memories 04



December 9,


Point cloud
in Unreal Engine 5

1 hr 20 min

  1. *Introduction

  2. 3D Scanning (Beginner guide) 

    •  Hack: Polycam workaround 

  3. LiDAR Point Cloud in UE5 

  4. Animating point clouds with Niagara in UE5 

​Q&A of Module 1

NeRF and Gaussian Splatting with Luma AI in Unreal Engine 5
1hr 30min

  1. Introduction: What is NeRF and 3D Gaussian Splatting 

  2. Luma AI in UE5 

  3. Creating Cinematic Shots in Sequencer 

Q&A of Module 2 

in Unreal E
ngine 5
2 hrs


December 10,


  1. *Introduction 

  2. *3D Scanning (Beginner guide) 

    • Hack: Polycam workaround 

  3. Mesh to Metahuman 

  4. Animating Metahuman 

  5. Creating Cinematic Shots in Sequencer 

Q&A of Module 3 


Gerry Li 

Digital artist, and fine-art photographer who lives and works in Hong Kong. 

Li’s body of work explores the inner world of human beings, and Li invites the spectator on a transcendent voyage through the dimensions of time, space, and memory. With dexterity and innovation, Li melds digital technologies and new media to fabricate immersive artistic realms that transmute the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Li participated in Hong Kong International Photo Festival Incubation programme from 2019 to 2020. Under the guidance of his mentor, Li held his first solo exhibition Eternal Light in the Darkness at PMQ in 2020. After that, Li was invited to numerous group shows including The Stillness Within (2020) by 10 Chancery Lane Gallery in Hong Kong and New Talents (2020) by Photographic Exploration Project (PEP) in Berlin. In addition, Li's works were exhibited at Art Central and Digital Art Fair in 2022.




Multiple Dates
Transform Memories into 3D Art with Gerry Li - Learn Point Clouds, NeRF, Gaussian Splat in Unreal Engine to Create Cinematic Videos
Dec 09, 2023, 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Price: $125 USD

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